Tuesday, June 7, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Nail Polish

I am LOVING my China Glaze Crackle polish! I think that it is one of the coolest beauty products that I have ever found. I really like this polish because it gives your nails such a unique look. All of your nails will have a different look, no 2 alike.You can buy this polish from Sally's Beauty Supply. This polish comes in 6 colors: Crushed Candy (blue/teal), Cracked Concrete (gray), Lightening Bolt (white), Black Mesh (black), Broken Hearted (hot pink/magenta), Fault Line (purple). The cost of these polishes is $5.99 each.

The two most important things to remember when using this product is to work fast and use thin layers. Thick layers of the polish do not seem to 'crackle' well. Also if you try to paint over the crackle polish it will not 'crackle' again. Also make sure that the crackle polish is completely dry before you apply your top coat.

Here is a picture of the polish:

Here are a few swatches using the crackle polish! Left to Right: On the first nail I used a few different colors to achieve a rainbow effect. Next I used a blue color from L.A Colors. I also used white and Celeb City from Sally Hansen.

If you would like to know any additional information about this product feel free to leave a comment below or email me at: SmallBudgetBeauty @gmail.com

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