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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nail Art Inspiration Via a Challenge

Lately I have had no inspiration for nail art, so I thought I would make my own little Nail Art Challenge for when I needed an idea for nail art. I searched through past nail art challenges and pulled some themes and ideas and compiled them in to one really long list! If you would like to play along too feel free to do so. Please tag your posts with SBBNailChallenge or use #SBBNailChallenge on Instagram, that way I can see all of your amazing nail art! This is not a weekly challenge so don't feel pressured to post every week (unless you just want too), just when you are looking for some inspiration. Also no need to go in order, just do what sticks out to you. I started with Number 16 so keep scrolling ;)

Today I get to mark off number 16 Water Marble. I am not 100% happy with this because I got a couple of dings and a air bubble, but the parts that didn't get dinged look pretty good and I spent way to much time on it not to share LOL

I used two polishes that I recently won from Heather over at  Crazy Beautiful Makeup. I tried some other colors that I wanted to use but they just would not work for me, but these two worked amazingly and how cute is that packaging!

I usually pull from the outside of my polish ring to the inside, but after watching some videos on YouTube I tried pulling from the inside out and created a spider web like effect. I never knew there were so many other techniques to water marbling!

I hope y'all will join in my challenge with me :)

Don't know if I will be getting anything this time around, but wanted to pass along this awesome deal I seen on Facebook from Zoya!


  1. Fantastic water marble! :D And great idea for a challenge. I do believe this is just the right speed for me.

    1. Thank you! That was my thought too, work at your own pace :)

  2. Thank you for this list and i think this are also just the right speed for me to complete or when i need an inspration to complete. I haven't tried water marble before, seems so difficult, but your look great and i like that green.


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